Ro Rox Boutique Case Study

Ro Rox Boutique Case Study

How Ro Rox Boutique scaled its e-commerce campaigns on AdWords 

Ro Rox Boutique is one of the top stores for retro, vintage and punk style clothing and accessories in the UK. Having previously run successful Amazon and eBay stores, the brand was looking to launch their own website’s promotion through Google AdWords.

Before working with KOYA, Ro Rox Boutique didn’t have any PPC efforts in place, other than a self-created Google Shopping campaign and needed help improving the profitability of their marketing efforts. As a result, within a couple of months, the number of Conversions experienced an increase of over 200% and continued to grow month on month, while the Avg. CPA decreased to less than half of the original value.

How We Did It:

  • AdWords Search & Display
  • Custom-designed Banners
  • RLSA and Dynamic Remarketing Ads
  • Optimized Shopping Campaigns
  • Conversion-Focused Ad Copy

Want to Scale Your AdWords like Ro Rox Boutique?