How Muscle-X scaled their Google Ads campaigns while maintaining a ROAS of above 500%

Muscle-X is a growing sports supplements store in New Zealand with thousands of products on offer.  Having seen success with other marketing channels, the brand was looking to scale their Google Ads’ revenue without sacrificing their return on ad spend.

Before working with KOYA, Muscle-X had run Google Shopping campaigns, but wasn’t getting the results he wanted. Kale approached us with a specific goal in mind – maximize revenue while keeping the return on ad spend (ROAS) above 4.5 (450%).

Within a couple of months, through a mix of Google Search, Shopping, Display and Remarketing campaigns, we were able to increase Muscle-X’s Google Ads revenue from $12,000/month to $32,000/month while maintaining a ROAS of above 500%.

How We Did It:

  • Google Ads Search, Shopping, Display and Remarketing
  • Campaign restructuring
  • Advanced product and keyword segmentation
  • Wasted spend monitoring and optimization
  • Data feed optimization
  • Weekly reports and feedback loops

Want to Scale Your Google Ads like Muscle-X?