How GroCycle got over 50,000 leads on Google Ads and Facebook Ads while paying less than £2 per lead.

Key Results


The Overview

GroCycle is an innovative social enterprise based in Devon, United Kingdom with a mission to teach everyone the easy way to grow mushrooms, with thousands of course members from over 50 countries. The company offers a range of mushroom growing courses and workshops in addition to selling mushroom growing kits for growing mushrooms at home.

The company was looking to ramp up their lead generation on Google and Facebook while maintaining a low cost per lead.


The Challenge

Before working with KOYA, GroCycle had run Google Ads with limited success and was focusing only on Facebook Ads with full reliance on AdEspresso automation, but was getting inconsistent results. Adam from GroCycle approached us with a specific goal in mind – scale lead generation while maintaining, and, ideally decreasing the cost per lead.


The Solution

Within 6 months, through a mix of Google Search and Display we were able to bring down their cost per lead by 75% (from £8 all the way down to £2) while more than tripling the number of leads and got this awesome review from Adam.

As for Facebook Ads, after almost 2 years, we were able to ramp up their lead generation and deliver almost 50,000 leads (a 75% increase compared to the previous period) while decreasing the cost per lead by 15%.

The Process:

  • Created an Alpha/Beta structure for Google Ads Search
  • Ran various Display remarketing campaigns and creatives
  • Performed granular keyword segmentation
  • Monitored and optimized wasted spend
  • Ran the Read Funnel strategy on Facebook
  • Tested multiple audiences and creative approaches
  • Provided weekly reports and engaged in feedback loops with the client

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