PPC Management

Professional management of all Google and Bing advertising channels. I have over 3 years of experience managing Google and Bing advertising, including Search, Display, Shopping, Display Select, Video and Remarketing.

check-mark Campaign Audit
check-mark Thorough Keyword Research
check-mark Professional Ad Copy
check-mark Effective Campaign Structuring
check-mark Bid Optimization
check-mark A/B Testing
check-mark Remarketing Optimization
check-mark Tracking and Remarketing Implementation
check-mark Analytics Integration
check-mark Simple Reporting

Conversion Optimization

As conversion optimization is one of the most important steps in achieving a successful campaign, I will identify and recommend improvements to your website and landing pages, which in turn will increase conversions site-wide. Each conversion optimization “package” will include the following:

check-mark Video conference with screen sharing and live commentary
check-mark List of improvements to your landing page
check-mark Improved Landing Page design (as either .jpg, .png, or .psd)
check-mark Checkout analysis
check-mark Detailed Report

Performance Design

Banner ad, Landing Page and Newsletter design that focuses on one thing – effectively delivering KPIs, whether it’s awareness, clicks or conversions. This service goes hand in hand with conversion optimization, and profits from years of Analytical experience and A/B testing.

check-mark Static and Dynamic HTML5 Creatives
check-mark Responsive web formats (.jpg, .png, .svg, .ai)
check-mark Source PSD files belong to the client